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Tina Holt, Founder of was actually born out of desperation.  Like every mom before me, I discovered that a new baby magnifies each facet of your personality and poor habits (see: Sleep Deprived, Monster).  Your household is suddenly turned upside down. Your mind’s clock is now perpetually set ahead to avoid a future crisis (don’t be late for nap, arrive hungry, get cranky). I was incredibly frustrated that women had done this since the dawn of humanity and yet I was struggling to get a handle.

Fortunately, other moms understood and were happy to share their tips and coping skills. Women in general, but moms in particular, are always exchanging information. My girlfriends and I were constantly sharing finds, deals, and shortcuts we had discovered. It seemed that we needed a venue for sharing carefully curated information, the stuff that we already swapped during  lunch or kids’ birthday parties.

I started as a blog in 2007 to share things such as where Kids Eat Free in Birmingham. Since that time it has grown steadily and allowed me to meet fascinating people, all of whom have had a great tip or experience to share.

As a corporate human resources professional, I’ve seen and experienced firsthand the myth of “balance” and the struggle to juggle. Most social expectations and typical work arrangements aren’t helpful.

Perhaps we BirminghamMoms can be our own best helpers.

Enter Brooke Tanner Battle, Co-Founder of

Brooke was another busy Birmingham mom who had been working with a number of business concerns, primarily commercial real estate, but was interested in developing a business centered around women. She already served on various boards (Oasis, Women’s Fund) and now, having young children, was realizing firsthand that the world as we know it would FALL APART without our collective efforts.

We discovered a shared awe of moms all over the world (how do they do it? No, really, we want to know). And we realized we could make into the resource we all needed, one that would help local moms get things done, manage their resources, and enjoy this shared experience of motherhood.

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