Easy college savings in Birmingham


I am convinced that many BirminghamMoms are missing out on an easy opportunity to save for their children’s college fund:  Upromise.

A chicken roll-up and drink at Zoe’s in Patton Creek nets me 35 cents in my Upromise account.  Not much, perhaps, but this take me no more effort than swiping my debit card, which I would have done anyway. Consider that your husband and parents can also have their purchases contribute toward your childrens’ Upromise account, and you see there is a great opportunity for your account to benefit over time.

I have become a Upromise fan since I realized how effortless it is to use this program, which credits your Upromise account each time you make a qualifying purchase and ultimately applies your credits to a 529(b) plan.

Read more to find local resturants that support Upromise
(note: Zoe’s is no longer a participant; for an updated list of restaurants, see the Upromise website or more recent posts)

Here are some of the Birmingham restaurants currently offering Upromise credits:

Zoe’s at Patton Creek
Jackson’s Bar and Bistro, at Soho in Homewood
La Paz, Mountain Brook
Café Ciao, Mountain Brook
Harry’s Place, Hoover
Icon – Tutwiler Hotel downtown
OT’s Sports Bar & Grill – Southside

Besides dining out, you have the opportunity to earn credits when you make purchases at area stand-bys like Publix or CVS.  There is an opportunity to earn credits, literally, on almost every corner!

Visit www.upromise.com to register.  Note:  Be aware that even debit purchases must be run as a credit by the merchant for your purchase to be acknowledged by Upromise.