Clear Your Space and Benefit Birmingham

Give your extra stuff a second life and free your space in the bargain.  Clear out your closet, basement, or toy boxes and benefit your Birmingham neighbors in need of the very things that are cluttering your life. There are several worthy local services that would benefit from your useful cast offs, and many of them will even pick up from your doorstep or driveway.

1. Call with your name and contact information, street address, and a general list of items you have for pick up (this assists them with allocating workers and providing your receipt). Most have a regular schedule and can let you know when they will be in your area for pick up.

2. Label your donation conspicuously so there is no confusion about what you are donating. (I have an irrational fear that someone will cart away my porch front bench and sell it for five dollars.) Bags and boxes with a label are easiest to handle, and a freestanding item, such as a high chair, should have its own label. A simple note with “SA” for Salvation Army is fine.

3. Don’t give away junk. Someone from the agency still has to sort and price or package your giveaways, and it isn’t helpful to an organization when it spends its limited resources picking up material that should have gone into trash in the first place. My personal rule of thumb is, if I wouldn’t put it in my own garage sale, I won’t put it off on these agencies.

4. Donation considerations:

*Items should be clean, especially clothes and appliances

*There is a difference between “gently worn” and “worn out”

*Cosmetic damage is acceptable as long as the item is working (ex., scratched or dented applicances)

*Furniture that needs clean up or minor repair/restoration is acceptable. Someone would love to take some polish to your old table.

*Agencies cannot accept or transport combustible items such as paint, fertilizer, charcoal briquettes, etc.

5.  When you pause to consider whether to keep something, don’t think about whether you might possibly use it again, but about whether someone else could more fully utilize it.

View’s list of area agencies who can use your donation:

Here is a helpful list of agencies who could benefit from your donation:



Useful Donations

Alabama Goodwill Industries


Goodwill Industries

Clothing, toys, tools, books, paintings, household items, bric-a-brac, holiday decorations, exercise equipment, TVs, stereos, computers, furniture, and lawnmowers.

Provides pre-vocational evaluation, work adjustment services, transitional and long-term sheltered employment. Contract services provide employment for disabled individuals to government agencies.

Exchange Club Family Skills Center


Pick up provided

Exchange Club

Books, Literature, videos for resource library; toys and children’s clothing

Sponsored by the Birmingham Exchange Club, part of National Exchange Club which focuses on child abuse prevention. Member BBB, over 20 years’ service in Birmingham. Skill Center in Homewood provides parenting training.

Foundry Rescue Mission and Recovery Center


Pick up provided

The Foundry

Clothing, furniture, household items, towels, washcloths


Assists low income and homeless families and adults via an addiction recovery program; re-entry program for men coming out of prison. Receives no federal or state funding; 70% of funds are generated by SuperThrift store in Bessemer (727 Bessemer Super Highway). The Foundry’s enterprises also provide occupational assistance to program participants. Foundry Auto Sales & Service; contact at 426-9000. Member of Association of Gospel Rescue Missions.

Hannah Home/King’s Ranch


Pick up provided

King’s Ranch/Hannah Home

Clothing, furniture, rugs, appliances, household items, toys

Provides long term residential group home services to youth, women, and children seeking refuge, hope, and help from abuse, neglect, abandonment, homelessness, and other difficult circumstances. Donations are sold by America’s Thrift Stores and these agencies receive a majority (though not all) of the profits. Christian based.

Oak Mountain Ministries


Pick up provided

Oak Mountain Missions

Furniture (food from commercial establishments)

Provides food, clothing, furniture and financial assistance to persons screened and referred by approved social services agencies. Serves 200 families monthly in Shelby County and the greater Birmingham area; also, over 80 deliveries (sites arranged by Congressman Artur Davis’ office) to
communities in the Black Belt counties with usable donations. coalition of 21 churches of various denominations.

Salvation Army


Pick up provided

Salvation Army

Clothing, furniture, bric-a-brac, books, toys, appliances

Entirely funded by donations from local private citizens, corporations and other organizations. Twenty-two local programs help more than 100,000 needy Birmingham-area residents each year. Almost 400 people in Birmingham sleep in a Salvation Army bed each night. Social and youth services, adult rehabilitation, disaster relief/emergency services, Christmas assistance. Thrift Stores fund Adult Rehabilitation Center; Christian based.