Find- Primavera Coffee Roasters

Coffee itself may not have changed over the years, but the average consumer certainly has a new appreciation of what goes into the production, preparation, and enjoyment of this beverage.  We have Starbucks to thank for much of this awareness, but if you would like to try a local shop with a bit of coffee education thrown in, visit Primavera Coffee Roasters in Cahaba Heights.

Primavera receives its coffee beans in burlap bags directly from the producer and roasts them on site.  The roaster sits in a corner of the shop so you can watch (and smell!) the roasting process.  You can also learn finer points of coffee, from its cultivation to the distinctive coffee-growing regions and corresponding flavors.  A tour of Primavera’s packaged coffees is a geographic tour around the equator, and the roasting process is an amusement in itself.  Organic chocolate products and a selection of bakery goods are also available.

In contrast to the typical dim and clubby coffee shop, Primavera is bright, open and modern, with more room to adjust tables and seating (read:  book club or PTO committee meeting spot).  Find Primavera in the commercial development behind Miss Myra’s Pit Bar B Q, a landmark establishment on Cahaba Heights Road.