Find – Dale’s Southern Grill Entrees to Go

You may have tried either location of Dale’s Southern Grilln Grill (Hoover off 31 or Vestavia Hills in the City Center) for a comforting meat and three at lunch.  Now these favorites are ready to go home with you for dinner.

Dale’s has entrees and sides prepared to heat and eat, with instructions for reheating on the package.  You can scoot in and find a full selection near the door, with a register nearby to get you on your way quickly.  Prices compare favorably with pre-made frozen entrees at your grocery store (think Stouffer’s or Glory) but these are freshly prepared on site.  The selection is impressive, with gourmet-style entrees or classics like mac and cheese.

Best of all, the kids and the grandparents will be equally pleased with these dishes, and you can give yourself a well-deserved break.