Kids’ Enjoy Workshops While Moms Pick Paint Colors

When spring fever hits, go to a home superstore any sunny Saturday and notice what has almost become the suburban version of a mini state fair.  Besides truckloads of colorful plants and row upon row of grills and lawn mowers, you are likely to find a hot dog truck and cold beverages at the door during peak season.  The enthusiasm is infectious; attend a workshop on tile setting, for example, and you’ll be convinced that you, too, can have a new kitchen backsplash faster than a rerun of Trading Spaces.

Workshops aren’t only for adults.  The first Saturday of the month, kids’ workshops allow participants to assemble simple kits and build a birdhouse, wooden toy, or similar item.  The kids are suited up in logo aprons and receive a badge or pin for their efforts.  Of course, they get to keep their masterpiece, and you have the chance to look over paint chips in peace while they are occupied with their new creation.  Even better, workshops are free (they know you’ll ultimately pay with the supplies and equipment you purchase for your own project).

Kids’ workshops take place the first Saturday of the month from morning through early afternoon.  If you have the notion to tackle a home project, bring the kids along and let them enjoy the joys of do-it-yourself.  They may become enthusiastic helpers during your next home improvement effort.