Southern Tradition: Mother’s Day Corsage

Time was when no self-respecting southern mom would be in her Sunday best on

rose pin sized.jpg
Mother’s Day without a corsage.  A red flower honored her mother if still living and a white flower honored the memory of her mother if she had passed on.  Nowadays corsages are thought of as a bit old-fashioned and matronly, but I think it’s a lovely tradition that’s ready for an update.

flowerpinemptysized.jpgThis lapel pin can turn any garden or grocery store specimen into a snazzy accessory, and on Mother’s Day it creates a sweet memento for Mom.  Fill it with water and insert the flower stem; the hand-blown tip prevents it from spilling.   If you prefer to have corsage-like ribbons, the stem is long enough to attach those, too.

Find this “Posy Pin” for around $12 at Smith’s Variety in Mountain Brook Village.