Enjoy Cold Iced Tea Without Boiling Water

Cold Brew tea.gif

As a true southerner, I was skeptical when I first noticed Lipton Cold Brew  tea bags blended specially for cold water.  Though in the winter I might enjoy the ritual of brewing tea, the sudden onset of hot weather and my general need to save time wherever I can convinced me this product was worth a try.


I poured a pitcher of cold water and watched closely as I dunked and swirled the tea bags.  As promised, the water slowly deepened in color, and in minutes I had full-bodied, cold tea ready to enjoy – no melting ice cubes watering down the flavor, no waiting for the tea to cool.  Voila!  A perfect refreshment, and I could replenish the pitcher again just as quickly.  


Cold brew tea has been a wonderful discovery for me because I love iced tea and  appreciate the convenience of not having an additional pot to clean.  Although a box of quart-size tea bags does cost slightly more than regular tea – about 5 cents per bag – that is nominal compared to generating unnecessary heat in the kitchen and the inconvenient wait for a tall, cold glass of tea.