Don’t Let Sport Uniforms Overwhelm Laundry

A BirminghamMom from Hoover who raised two boys (one attended college on a full SEC football scholarship) jokes that sport uniforms in her home stayed in either the wet or dirty phase of the laundry, but were rarely both dry and clean.  For years her laundry routine was dominated by washing uniforms and team jerseys.  With school and fall sports starting soon, consider these laundry tips:

*Label uniform tags with initials immediately, especially if two kids in the house have interchangeable uniforms (no fighting over who gets the clean camp shirt)

*Run the uniform through the washer when you come in after a game/practice so that, at most, the uniform only has to be tumbled the next morning (show your child how to run the washer)

*Have a designated place for the uniform:  A bin in the laundry room (you’ll know at a glance if the uniform is ready) or in the sport bag, which is never zipped until it has been restocked and readied for the next event

*Buy multiples of items when possible: baseball pants, football pants, socks, etc.  This lowers risk of crisis to the jersey only

*Designate a place for cleats in the garage so dirt isn’t tracked through the house – a bin or bright plastic placemat

*Use a luggage tag as a checklist of the necessary sport bag contents – include hair band, mouth guard, athletic cup, etc.