Find: Keyfinder – Grab Keys From Any Bag With One Hand

Stop digging in your purse or diaper bag for your keys while you’ve got a child by the hand and an arm full of groceries. This key finder will allow you to put your hands on your keys every time, no matter how many things you have to handle during the transition from store to car and car to house.

I purchased my Finders Key-Purse at Monograms Plus (1360 Montgomery Hwy., Vestavia) months ago and am sold on the functionality of this little piece.  It is essentialy a large lobster clasp that holds your keyring and includes a hook that slips over the side of your bag or an inside pocket.

* Retrieve your keys without looking – just reach the inside of your bag and there they are

* Move your keys from purse to diaper bag, book bag, beach bag effortlessly

* Easily add or remove key rings from lobster clasp

* Hook doesn’t damage leather, straw, fabric, etc. and accommodates thick and thin materials

Monograms Plus has several options, so if fleur-de-lis are not your thing (I was in a particularly French mood when I bought mine), there are plenty of options, including monogrammable versions.

There is another option I learned about just this week. Rack Room Shoes is giving away a similar key finder FREE with a $5 donation to the Shoes That Fit program, which raises funds to purchase shoes for underprivileged children. The Shoes That Fit program currently benefits Alabama children in the Huntsville area, but we could arrange participation in the much-needed Birmingham area (anyone up for this?  contact me through and we’ll pull it together).

The Rack Room Shoes promotional key finder has a pocketbook motif, so of course there is not a selection as you will find at a specialty shop, but this is a trade that is more than worthy.  Birmingham area Rack Room Shoes locations are:

Colonial Alabaster, Brook Highland Plaza, Wildwood Centre, Riverchase Promenade (across from the Galleria), Riverchase Galleria, and Colonial Promenade in Trussville.

  • Teresa_H

    I tried to find these keyholders for Christmas presents but Monograms Plus said they had never heard of them. Oh well, I guess there’s been turnover of employees AND of stock!

  • Birmingham Mom

    Thanks for sharing this feedback. I have found that these keyholders seem to have gone more mainstream now because they’re at larger chain retailers. I saw a display of them this week at Hallmark in the Galleria (2nd floor near the Sears entrance) for around $8. I’ve also seen them at the Books-a-Million on hwy 31 in Hoover near the check out.
    I hope Monograms Plus will consider carrying them again. They had the only ones I’ve seen that could be monogrammed (which has been a couple of years ago now). I think they could be a big seller.