Find: Squirt Spoon

This is a brilliantly conceived product that works beautifully.

The Squirt Spoon by Boon functions like a cake decorating bag with a spoon for a tip.  Fill the chamber/bulb with baby food, screw the top on, and you’re set to feed baby in mess-free, manageable spoon fulls.

*Use with one hand  (Other hand is free so you can feed yourself!)

*Cap keeps the spoon sanitary and prevent leaks

*Holds up to 3 oz. of food

*Dishwasher safe

The chamber opening is large enough to pour food in straight from the individual food jar or plastic tub. When the food is almost gone and there is more air in the chamber, it is likely that the squirt spoon really will “squirt” on baby, so shake it down carefully and don’t forget the bib.

The Boon Squirt Spoon retails for $7.39 and is available in Birmingham at Babies R Us at Lakeshore Parkway.