Find: Stroller Clips for any Diaper Bag


The diaper bag is an essential part of any outing with a baby, but not all strollers can accommodate the bag easily.  What’s more, who wants to wrestle a bag out of a stroller basket beneath a reclined and (finally) sleeping baby?

These stroller clips offer a solution by allowing the diaper bag to be easily clipped to the stroller handles.  By attaching the bag to the handles, the bag is always accessible for retrieval of cell phone, keys, or pacifier and can be quickly removed for a trip to the diaper changing station.  The bag stays off the ground and out of the way, and leaves the stroller basket for shopping bags and other items.  Plus, if your stroller has drink holders or other compartments near the handle, these clips allow you to manage the bag without tumbling a drink on accident.

Although the clips, by Petunia Pickle Bottom, are associated with a line of diaper bag accessories, they fit most diaper bags regardless of manufacturer, so you can use the clips interchangeably with any of your bags or strollers.

These clips are $18 at Red Wagon Clothing on 18th Street in Homewood and would be an easy, one-size-fits-all gift for a BirminghamMom regardless of baby gender, stroller configuration, or size of diaper bag.  Meanwhile, if you’re the one slinging your diaper bag around on stroller handles, get to Red Wagon and get a set of clips for yourself.