A Momma’s Love is at Momma Goldberg’s in Homewood

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of eating at the original Momma Goldberg’s Deli location in Auburn, you know that this thriving sandwich shop is close to campus, has great sandwiches, and your own momma might wonder what made it so special.  After all, what a college student considers a cozy atmosphere – an aging building with posters and handbills covering dark interior walls -is not necessarily the ambiance preferred by a seasoned mom.

BirminghamMoms, however, are bound to like the Momma Goldberg’s location that opened on 18th Street in Homewood this spring.  Its interior is bright and family friendly.  The menu has all the favorites of the original, in particular the Momma’s Love. With sandwich shops appearing on every corner, Momma G’s is distinguished by its hot, steamed selections and its signature Momma’s Sauce.

The kids menu has four sandwich choices at $1.99.  Even older kids love the casual atmosphere, with graffitti on ceiling tiles and a large television.

Right now on Friday nights kids eat for $1 from the kids menu, including a drink and chips. Maybe you didn’t envision the day you’d look forward to a Friday night date with the family at a sandwich shop, but that’s just what a momma’s love will do to you.