Birmingham Magazine: The Women’s Issue


A BirminghamMom salute goes out to Birmingham Magazine this month for its Women’s Issue and profile of several local moms. We moms comprise a large chunk of the community – not to mention the purchasing decisions – and it’s nice to see a publication turn its attention to our interests. 

If you’re not familiar with the magazine or have assumed it is standard waiting room reading material, think again.  Besides featuring local entrepreneurs and new businesses, Birmingham Magazine regularly showcases beautiful homes, dining spots, and upcoming entertainment.  Better still, it offers insight on how to appreciate the many enjoyable aspects of the city.  Each issue introduces you to interesting Birminghamians whose stories you might never know otherwise.  It’s a bargain, too:  $10 for 12 issues, each one worthy of your own coffee table.

Birmingham Magazine is published by the Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce.

  • InkStainedLife

    Thanks so much for your kind words! I’ll also point you (and your readers) to page 87 of the August issue. That’s our Smart Living Guide to Birmingham on the Web, and I think you’ll find a familiar website included there.