Find: Baskets, Liners for Serving Fast Food Style at Home

While McDonald’s claims “Billions Served” beneath its golden arches, most BirminghamMoms don’t feel too far behind, serving dozens of meals and snacks over the course of a typical week. We can take a lesson from these big guys, who expect their patrons to gather their napkins and bus their own tables at the end of each meal.

One of the handiest ways I have found to serve finger foods like sandwiches, pizza, or popcorn is with these restaurant-quality baskets lined with a sheet of Kabinet Wax.  Even the youngest child can place a liner in his or her basket with minimal assistance, and the baskets are sturdier than most paper plates.  Other advantages:

Cheap!  A 500-sheet box of cabinet wax is around $7 at Sam’s; Baskets are less than $2 apiece at Bresco (see below)

Clean-up is a breeze – roll up crumbs in the paper and toss in the trash

Dessert?  Just whip out another wax liner for the basket and start fresh, no ketchup blots to avoid

Baskets are dishwasher safe in top rack

Minimal cabinet space and less trash volume

The wax liners are also useful for serving on the go. On the practical side, the liners allow you to grab a food item and then pass it to another or enjoy it yourself without having to handle the food directly.  You avoid sticky fingers and have a built-in crumb catcher.

Baskets are available in several colors and sizes at Bresco, a restaurant supplier on 6th Avenue South (Full Moon BBQ is next door; grab a half-moon cookie while you’re there). I recommend the large size basket, priced at $1.40, because it accommodates bigger entrees like nachos and is easier to handle on your lap.