Find: Swap Books Without Leaving Home


Think of it as a sort of Netflix for books without the middleman: allows you to exchange books you have finished and select your next good read, all for only the price of postage.

Over 2 million titles in every genre are available, and they need not be paperback (or even books, for that matter; audio books are also included). The extensive selection of children’s books can be searched by age appropriateness; your kids can benefit from your membership by swapping the books they’ve outgrown for more challenging titles.

  • List books you wish to exchange by the publisher’s ISBN number on the back cover – no descriptions  to write
  • If a title you desire is unavailable, create a wish list to be notified when the title is added to the collection
  • Sender pays postage ($2.13 for a typical paperback)
  • Print mailing wrapper using 2 sheets of regular paper in your home printer – includes mailing label and ability to calculate postage
  • Printable mailing wrapper even includes postage if pre-paid through the site via credit card or Pay Pal and (includes a 43 cent postage charge)

Kristi, a BirminghamMom of three in Hoover, has used this site for the past two years and estimates her family has enjoyed more than 40 books through swapping. Thanks to Kristi for sharing this find of the week!