Hair Bows for the Trendy Girl

Some girly-girls just seem to be born ready to sport big, bright hairbows along with flounces, french lace, and frothy trims.  But if your daughter isn’t the gingham-and-monogram type, or if she’s starting to outgrow the bows that were once so cute on her, look to Rock-A-Bow-Baby hair bows for feminine but less traditional options.

These hair accessories are handmade by BirminghamMom Alison Frenzel, who searched for alternatives to typical hair bows and wound up creating her own.  Her hair accessories feature buttons covered in trendy fabrics, felt in whimsical shapes (see photo), and colorful ribbons that emphasize texture over loops and volume. These bows stay put even in thin hair and help pull together an outfit while serving the original purpose of holding hair in place.

Even if traditional hair bows suit your daughter to a “T”,  Rock-a-Bow-Baby creations may help inject some variety in her hair bow wardrobe (moms of boys, believe us, it is indeed a wardrobe).  Rock-a-Bow-Baby accessories are available at Red Wagon (18th Street) and Sassafras (Linden Avenue) in Homewood as well as Aunt Kim’s Attic in Calera.