Outsource a Baby Shower?

Every new baby deserves a celebration to prepare for his/her arrival.  However, baby showers (especially for the mom expecting her third boy in as many years) can get a bit like the 9th bridesmaid dress you had to buy.  Even the expectant mom doesn’t want another blue sleeper.

babiesruslogo.gifThere is an option that is easy on everyone involved, and most people don’t even know about it.  Babies R Us on Lakeshore Drive will actually provide a reserved space for a baby shower in the store.  Before you balk at the idea, consider it from a practical perspective:

  • No hostess has to clean her house before or after the event
  • No confusing maps or directions; easy for guests to locate (especially from out of town)
  • No parking problems and a central location
  • Guests can purchase a gift on site directly from the registry or from the diaper & wipe displays (mom’s preferred brand and size, of course)
  • Store personnel are available to assist guests with purchases and carry packages out to expecting mom’s car
  • Hostesses bring decorations, punch, petit fours, paper plates, and voila, a party (need I point out that the WalMart bakery is across the street?)

Now, I would not suggest an in-store shower for a woman’s first baby among an intimate circle of friends; that occasion obviously should be a more personal affair. However, this option is tailor-made for a shower honoring a casual acquaintance, a broad mix of invitees (work colleagues, extended family, and neighbors with no common convenient location), or any multiples or diaper & wipe shower.

Particularly with a diaper & wipe shower, there is no purpose in gift wrapping diapers or wipes; they are cumbersome to purchase and transport; and Babies R Us stocks all the major brands and prices them competitively.  If you’re a mom yourself, how easy would it be to drop in, buy some diapers or a gift card, and spend the rest of the time relaxing and socializing with other guests?  Even the bachelors from the office won’t have to feel awkward searching for a gift.

The store needs a two week notice to schedule and set up for a shower. Contact Marcell Rayford at 205-215-5702 or email and tell him BirminghamMom sent you.