Yes We Can Birmingham! Community Conversations for Birmingham’s Schools

Yeswecan.jpgWhen you become a Mom you develop a new perspective on education. You realize that education is so much bigger than the usual talk about property values; it is the deciding factor in not only your child’s future, but also in the vitality of the entire community.  Even If you sacrifice to afford the best private education Birmingham has to offer or if your own children are in a highly rated school system, are you satisfied that anyone else has to settle for so much less?

Yes We Can Birmingham! is a grass roots initiative to develop and articulate the community’s vision for Birmingham’s public schools. By hosting Community Conversations, which are facilitated and open to the public, Yes We Can Birmingham! is preparing a community agreement to serve as the collective voice.  The ultimate goal is to establish a foundation partner, as has been done successfully for other local school systems, to help ensure that the collective vision becomes a reality.

Community conversations are scheduled around town at several locations through August, and you can also speak up online.  This is your opportunity to be heard without the clamor of city hall and politics. If you are a Birmingham citizen, your input is encouraged even if you are not served by the Birmingham City School System.