Save on a Staple: Spaghetti Sauce

It’s a small thing, granted, but if skipping a latte every day can make you a millionaire in 30 years, maybe paying less for spaghetti sauce each week can buy you…a tank of gas one day.  Either way, it’s worth pointing out that you have options.

I am convinced that spaghetti sauce is one time saver that would cost more to make from scratch than to buy.  It’s readily available, inexpensive, and there are dozens of varieties to suit any taste.  Since I use this product at least once a week as a base for a casserole or soup, over pasta, or as a sandwich/cheese stick dip, I figure it is worth it to get the best value.

Your first thought is probably the jar of sauce that is typical for the national brands whether Prego, Ragu, or a store brand.  However, let me draw your attention to the lowly canned version, which is inevitably shelved below the jars.  The can is 26 ounces just like the jars, only it costs almost $1 or so less than the jar versions.  

It’s not as if you’re taking a risk by buying the canned version, since it’s produced by the likes of Del Monte and Hunts, the same manufacturers who bring us so much of our ketchup.  True, you can’t portion it out and screw the lid back on as you can a jar, but that’s what containers are for.  Besides, there is rarely any left over to store. And if you’ve ever dropped a jar and broken it, you know how quickly your kitchen can go from being clean to looking like a crime scene in two seconds flat.

Give the can a try and consider your savings as a coupon you didn’t have to clip.