Timely Medical News and Health Care Reminders via E-Mail from Children’s Hospital

We are so fortunate to have a premier children’s hospital in our city, and I daresay we sometimes take the convenience for granted.  Although most of us associate Children’s Hospital with acute care, the Children’s Health System offers many other services for health and wellness, including free medical information tailored to your interests and delivered to you via e-mail.

Partners in Parenting is an e-zine that is perfect for busy BirminghamMoms.  Medically reviewed, current articles are sent to your e-mail based on the interests that you select. Even parent health and well-being is an available feature, a worthy topic given the stresses most of us face.  Other topics include:

ADD/ADHD    Asthma    Divorce and Kids    Sports Medicine    Twins/Multiples    Weight Management and Kids

You can take the service a step further by signing up for My Kids’ Health Reminders and My Kids’ Health Links.

The Health Reminders aren’t just for kids; you can add any loved ones – parents, spouse – and receive reminders for preventative care and recommended exams based on their age and gender.  What a help for the sandwich generation!  Besides, you know you will have to keep after your husband to get his physical and the dreaded rectal exam. (Please!  Given we carry and birth a child, does he have any excuse to avoid this?)