A Plan for the Unwanted Halloween Candy

Michele, a BirminghamMom of three from Oak Mountain, has a great tip for the kids’ Halloween candy that gets left over because no one wants it (not even during a bout of insomnia with an empty pantry).  Michele just tucks her kids’ unwanted candy away until the Christmas season, when she pulls it back out to decorate her gingerbread house.

This way the assorted hard candies, Necco Wafers, Tootsie Rolls and licorice strips can still be utilized, even if only for ornamentation. They have a harmless second chance as stained glass, frosted windowpanes, chimneys and trim around doors and windows on your gingerbread manor. Ironically, the candy helps retain the illusion that the gingerbread house is edible while ensuring that no one will actually want a bite. (Obviously, the candy you consider disposable depends on the tastes of your household, but I’m betting Recee’s Cups and Hershey’s Kisses never make it to the gingerbread house project.)

Whether you build a house out of home baked gingerbread, buy the kit for $10, or smack graham cracker squares onto milk cartons, your leftover candy can add plenty of bling without requiring ”good” candy or materials. When it’s time to dispose of it, you can say goodbye with no remorse that any good stuff went to waste.

Thanks, Michele, for the tip!