Find: Online File for Your Decorating Ideas

If you are addicted to shelter magazines and have folders full of inspirational tear sheets, check out My Deco File, a feature by Domino Magazine that allows you to create your own idea file online.

This great application allows you to upload images from any site and add them to your file via a “Tear Image” bookmark.  When you drag the bookmark tool to an image you like, it automatically records the source of the image and prompts you to add your own title, category, and any notes to associate with the image.

My Deco File gets better, though.  You can upload images of your own home (or the home you aspire to own) as well as pics you may upload directly from your smart phone.  Imagine how helpful this will be when you’re out shopping for accessories or the perfect sofa.  You can send photos directly to your image library, then take time later to consider your selection in the context of your overall decorating plan.

Make your file public, private, or share it only with the contacts you add.  You can browse other public files created by professional decorators as well as amateurs. Think of the fun you could have dreaming and scheming with this resource at your fingertips and available to you via web anytime! You and your fellow decorating enthusiasts, former college roomate now hours away, or like-minded sister can view one another’s files and swap suggestions.

Now you can properly recycle your old magazines knowing your inspiration tear sheets and are only a few clicks away.