Find: World Products Has Tons of Party Favors, Wholesale Prices

If you have ever wound up in charge of the elementary school festival, rec league party, or PTO open house, then maybe you already know about a BirminghamMom’s secret weapon for goody bags, candy and party favors: World Products.

The company is a toy, candy and gift distributor, but their warehouse-type store is open to the public and is chock full of trinkets and all things Party.  Walk in here and you will believe you stumbled into the supply closet for the midway strip at a state fair. Stuffed animals, jewelry, key chains; you name it and it is probably here in bulk.

When you see all the inexpensively priced trinkets, you’ll feel bad that your kid has held tightly to hard-won tickets at the arcade in order to make the conflicted and difficult decision between a small rubber ball and chinese finger cuffs.  He could have bought scores of these at World Products for the price of a single pizza. (And to think, you worked with him at that ticket redemption counter for an hour thinking there was a math lesson in it somewhere.)

When you’re in charge of goody bags or in quick need of a theme party, skip ordering from a catalog and go directly to World Products to buy just what you need.  You can purchase most things individually and some by the gross for greater savings.  (A gross is 12 packs of 12.)  There are also pinatas, hats, Alabama/Auburn gifts, beach balls and sand pails.  Several shelves are devoted to biblically themed objects, like the classic Ten Commandments charm bracelets – remember those! – and other giveaways suitable for VBS-type occasions.

World Products is at 1631 First Avenue South in an older, nondescript building; look closely or you may miss it.  They will be moving shortly, so look for an update here once they are in their new location.  Hours are M-F, 8:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.