Study Break for Mom: Easily Generate Spelling Practice Tests, Games Online

Have fun practicing your spelling words

If evenings already find you with permission slips to sign, agendas to check, and dinner to put on the table, then you can appreciate the help Spelling City offers both your child (spelling practice) and you (time).

A Birmingham grandmother recommended this fabulous, free resource for those of us who spend a portion of many evenings helping kids prepare for their weekly spelling tests.  Just enter the spelling words into an easy interface and you can let your child take the mouse from there.  Choices start with ”Test Me”, “Teach Me”, or “Play a Game.”  Take practice spelling tests, hear and see the words spelled, or explore the words through an assortment of games like crosswords, word finds, missing letters, sorting…on and on.

You could invest hours of your time and never think of all the spelling tricks this site can generate in just one click. If you homeschool or teach, Spelling City can be a key resource for you, especially if you have auditory learners.

For busy BirminghamMoms, the best feature is that the voice on Spelling City retains its ever patient, steady tone, never escalating even when the dog barks, the phone rings, or/and the water boils over.  Delegate the practice tests to Spelling City and save your own efforts to focus on your child by reviewing quiz scores and discussing the school day.