Tiny Abundance – Discarded Bottles Perfect for Blooms

tiny bottle.jpg

Here’s a wonderful way to add a grace note of tiny abundance (oxymoron intended) to your environment and be environmentally-friendly with the same gesture.

It’s this little vase, which is actually not a vase at all.  You may feel a hint of recognition:  It’s a syrup bottle from Cracker Barrel.  Those little bottles left on the table after a Momma’s Breakfast can have a second shot at usefulness. 

The most meager bloom your landscape can offer is showcase-worthy in one of these petite bottles.  A single caladium leaf from your patio container is elevated to a perfect specimen; a bloom pinched from a knockout rose bush in your side yard looks expertly cultivated.  Other ideas:

Pick one or two odd flowers from your grocery store mixed bouquet (a couple of them always look misplaced) and put them in this tiny vase on your nightstand.

MA party and syrup bottle 009.jpg

Take one to the office for a private little smile at your desk.  Better still, surprise a buddy on her birthday or before a big deadline.  No vase to return, just toss when the bloom fades.

This diminutive bottle was made for pansies!  Just one on your bathroom vanity adds a sweet touch.

Root cuttings of coleus or ivy on your kitchen windowsill.

Add a sliver of ribbon (wired looks best) or raffia. 

BirminghamMoms who entertain:  Use each “vase” as a place card for guests by punching hole into a card with the guest’s name and tying it around each bottle with a wired satin ribbon.  Initials look wonderful painted directly on the bottle with a paint pen. 

tiny bottle 002.jpg

One bunch of roses or gerbera daisies goes a long way here, and guests can take them home as a favor.  Most would never guess it’s a repurposed syrup bottle, but let them know it’s nothing precious.  I had a friend offer to return one to me after I brought a flower to her at work; with a ribbon around the top, she couldn’t believe it was just an old bottle.  That’s when I knew this little thing was worth saving from the busboy’s bin. 

Just wash the empty bottle in the dishwasher and the label will peel off easily after the rinse cycle. Your family’s next pancake breakfast at Cracker Barrel can set you up for plenty of giveaway vases.