Filing Center for Your Purse: Photo Envelope

Have you ever found yourself panicked as you stood in the check-out line, pawing through your purse looking for the store credit you distinctly remember saving? Your wallet is stuffed with debit, frequent shopper, credit and library cards, and the shoppers behind you are silently hoping you won’t start shuffling through them.  That credit receipt is in here somewhere…

A photo envelope is a practical solution for so many of the little papers a BirminghamMom has to manage, including those that are generated day after typical day. Designed to hold 4×6 prints, photo envelopes are more serviceable as a repository for:

  • Receipts and store credits
  • Gift Cards
  • Scripts for prescriptions to be filled
  • Stamps
  • Department store coupons and special offers
  • Invitations – especially those needed for directions or signed releases (Pump-It-Up invitations, for example)

Most moms try to tuck all these into their wallets or a purse side pocket, but the effort becomes ridiculous after awhile. If you change your bag, your entire filing system may be disrupted by a new hierarchy of internal/external pockets. With a photo envelope for all the little papers, you can change bags easily and your wallet has a chance of staying organized.

Find a photo envelope in Birmingham at Target, Hallmark, or Michael’s (don’t forget to use the 40% coupon that is usually in the Sunday paper) for less than $7 in the stationery section. Look for a bright color so you can spot it easily inside your purse, and remember that a magnetic closure will let you open and close it easily with one hand. Thin versions are preferable to expanding versions, since you want to avoid anything bulky.

The envelope pictured above came from Target, but it isn’t hard to find a broad selection of colors and materials, including leather versions, which cost around $30.

Using a photo envelope, you’ll find it much easier to clear out your receipts, submit expenses, or locate and use your gift cards before they expire. You may also find a photo envelope helpful for carrying other things, too, like…photos.

  • erinstreet

    This is a fantastic idea! I’ve been looking for something in which I can store my receipts. I travel frequently for work, and am frequently looking through various bags and purses to find receipts.
    Another helpful organizer is The Purseket. It’s an organizer that has pockets on the top, allowing you to put makeup, ipod, etc., in individual slots. Here’s the website.
    Happy organizing!

  • Birmingham Mom

    Erin, thanks for suggesting the Purseket. I am always looking for a solution to the jumbled purse problem.
    You will love the photo envelope. Accounting for all those receipts is maddening, and it will be so much easier to submit expense reports or to return something using one of these. I’ve been able to return things that I would previously have just given away because it wasn’t worth hunting down the receipt!