Find: Hang Mirrors, Pictures with No Hammer or Husband Required

Let’s list the equipment a BirminghamMom usually needs to get a mirror or artwork hung in the house:  A hammer, heavy-duty picture hook, stud finder, husband, several sticky note reminders to said husband, and a moment when no one is napping or watching football to coordinate the installation.

Emily, a BirminghamMom expecting her second child, decided she couldn’t wait on all these factors to get her pictures properly hung. With a husband working long hours during his residency and a toddler dictating much of her time at home, it was time to take matters into her own hands with the Herculean Hook.

Emily shared that she loves this product because she can hang whatever she needs with no special tools and without disturbing her napping child.  Herculean Hooks (yes, you may have seen them on TV) are $9.99 for a package of 20 and are sold at Birmingham area CVS, Walgreens, and other stores with “As Seen on TV” sections. One end of the slender hook is inserted directly into the sheetrock and is cantilevered to balance the weight of the hanging object from the inside the wall cavity.  The package explains this much better, of course.

When I decided to try Herculean Hooks for myself, I knew Emily was on to something because the gentleman at the Walgreens counter quickly told me, “These things are great!  I hung a mirror I could hardly lift using two of them, and it hasn’t budged.”  He instructed me to insert the hook into the sheetrock slightly above where Iwanted the  final placement of the frame, as the hook will hang just below the insertion point on the wall.

The results were as good as promised.  The hook creates a hole in the sheetrock but it is no bigger than a regular nail, and because the hole is much cleaner it will be easier to patch over later.  As for patching the sheetrock,  that’s a job the husband can get to after football season, especially now that he’s relieved of picture-hanging duty.

Thanks, Emily, for sharing this Find with other BirminghamMoms!