Letter-Pressed Greeting Cards Made Locally

If you like the idea of sending a hand made card (not necessarily made by YOUR hands), check out these cute cards from Red Rain in Homewood. You can see there are versions suitable for winter or holiday greetings, as well as a plain old hometown hello.

If you’re sending cards to far-flung friends, particularly to anyone who has a soft spot for Birmingham, you can bet your recipients will enjoy receiving a shout-out from the Magic City. A simple, graphic card like one of these will show up among all the other greetings and will feel like a big handshake from friends back in the ‘ham. If you miss the neighbors who relocated to another state, have friends deployed overseas, or have family who are connecting flights apart from you, odds are they would light up to hear from you and your hometown. Just be sure to enclose a photo.

A box of 10 cards is $7 and is available in the Red Rain store on 18th street in Homewood.