Find: Best Selections for Mom’s Family Calendar

Calendars are all over the place right now and the selection will never be better than the weeks leading up to the new year. We all want a new start and imagine a fresh calendar will make the task of getting everyone to the right place at the right time a bit more managable.

There are a few calendar versions in particular that are helpful to  BirminghamMoms:

1.  Mom’s Plan-It Calendar

A wall calendar that comes with a magnetic strip so the calendar can be affixed to your refrigerator or magnetic memo board. Advantages include a line each day for each member of the family, bright stickers to draw your eye to practices, school events, and doctor appointments (and avoid writing “practice” on each successive week at the same time). A small pocket allows for collecting birthday invitations and announcements until they can be transferred to the calendar. This is the family calendar I’ve used for several years with great results.

Mom’s Plan-It desk version: Similar features except has a tear-out meal planner/grocery list for each week and sections for babysitter, school and medical contact information. This is a thicker, two-page per week version that is designed more for mom’s personal use than for display. Portability is a plus if you have to negotiate complicated schedules at planning meetings or events.

Find it: Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Target (stationery section for the wall calendar, book section for the desktop version), and of course calendar stores such as in the lower level of the Galleria. Retails for $14.99.

2. File-It Wall Calendar

My ultra-organized sister recommended to this me and now I purchase one each year in addition to my planning calendar. It is wonderful for household receipts and routine statements. Each month’s calendar is printed on a full size file pocket that can be detached and put away after the month ends.  At the end of the year your filing is done.

If you keep it near wherever you stash your purse you can empty your receipts into the pocket folders regularly. Put it on the inside door of a master bedroom closet and you and hubby can deposit receipts and notes as you change clothes and empty pockets. If you don’t like the idea of having credit card and billing info in view of the pest control or cleaning service, tack the calendar on the wall behind your hanging clothes. Only you will know it’s there.

This calendar has been enormously helpful for finding receipts, especially for returns or rebates.

BirminghamMom Tip: Double the utility by using of this calendar by using its record-keeping aspects in reverse. Note all the birthdays, anniversaries, and card-worthy events on the calendar, placing the appropriate greeting cards for each event in the month’s folder. Send the cards throughout the year as they appear in each month’s folder.

Find it: Books-a-Million, Barnes & Noble, Calendar Stores $14.99

3. Mom’s Family Calendar by Boynton

These cartoons are adorable and the calendar comes with hundreds of stickers to note every appointment, even haircuts. This format is different – the days of the week read horizontally rather than in a grid format – but you can easily look across a single day and see what everyone has scheduled.

Find it: Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, Calendar Stores $12.99

4. Mom’s Family Engagement Calendar

This desk calendar is spiral bound but in a hardback cover. It’s designed more for mom than the family at large, with the expected monthly grid but a two-page per week lay out for Mom and family members separated into “morning,” “afternoon,” and “evening.”

Find it: Books-a-Million, $16.99

5. Store Brand Mom’s Calendars from Rite Aid, Target

Other stores have have their own versions of the Mom-focused calendar, and although these aren’t the quality of the above calendars, they will fill the basic need for recording engagements. The Rite-Aid version is $4.99 but is usually discounted.

The Target calendar is in the $1 section at the front of the store. It’s much smaller and has no stickers but is plenty adequate for keeping up with appointments. This section of Target sells out quickly, so don’t be surprised if these don’t last long.

Note: No one wants to pay full price for a calendar after January 2nd. Look for discounts after the first of the new year and clearance reductions by mid-January. Can’t go two weeks into the year without your trusty calendar?  Me either. I buy the ones I want now so I won’t be left choosing between calendars featuring chimpanzees or muscle cars.