Reports of Elf Mischief

Apparently the elves visiting homes around town have been busy over the past several days. One BirminghamMom of two says her family’s elves, Blossom and Oliver, have pulled just about every possible trick over the years they’ve been staying with her family; she laments the only things left for them to do are shoot fireworks from the roof and burn down the garden shed. This, it seems, is the hazard that comes from that slippery slope of ever-escalating elf tricks.

Some of the more tame elf antics BirminghamMoms have reported experiencing include:

  • Finding “ho ho ho” written in toothpaste in the bathroom sink basin
  • Noticing books shelved upside down and pictures hung from the side rather than the top
  • Elves caught sitting in the car with a tell-tale empty candy bar wrapper before them
  • The surprise of an elf perched atop Mom and Dad’s headboard (he must have gotten up there on a Friday night because the kids spotted him when they came to wake Mom & Dad on Saturday morning)
  • Discovering an elf sitting in a cup inside the cabinet
  • Noticing “Good luck on your spelling test” written on the bathroom mirror with an Expo marker
  • Seeing a trail of snow down the hallway and into the kids rooms (this snow looked curiously like baking soda, which wouldn’t have been too bad since it would freshen the carpet and vacuum up easily)

My husband pointed out it will be hard for our elf to do something noticable in the house given the disarray it is in already. I feel certain our elf, Grady, is going to exact revenge for this comment. You do not want to unleash the fury of the elves.

Do you have elf antics to share? Add them through comments or e-mail .  We moms have to stick together to keep our elves in line.

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  • Birmingham Mom

    Reports of elf antics continue. BirminghamMom Amanda offers, “The best elf antic I’ve heard of (ours hasn’t thought of it yet) was my niece’s elf filled her backpack full of toilet paper and she didn’t find it until she got to school. Great for a 10 year old!”
    Anna, a BirminghamMom of two boys, shares a few of elf Hermey’s tricks: Staying up all night watching DVDS (he was found sitting in front of the portable DVD player with Christmas movies spread around him); sneaking into the playroom to play Hungry, Hungry Hippo with the other stuffed animals; and crawling into a napper for an impromptu sleepover.

  • Birmingham Mom

    New activities attributed to elves include candy canes being hooked on drawer handles in one child’s room; a trail of Hershey’s Kiss wrappers leading to an elf holding the empty bag; a child waking up to a single brightly-painted toenail; and the family car parked in the driveway,an elf buckled in the driver’s seat next to an empty french fry wrapper and soda cup.

  • Birmingham Mom

    One mom gives a first hand account of elf follies at her house:
    “One morning the boys woke up to little Christmas Trees decorated in their rooms; the elves made ‘snow’ angels on my clean hardwood floors! (humm…I think sugar was used in this case);
    Our elves love crackers…..we found my pantry door open…they had climbed in and gotten a sleeve of crackers out and proceeded to tear into them and eat!! Do I have to tell you how long it took me to get all those crumbs up!!! Crackers were everywhere!
    I’m sure there are more I am forgetting…our Elves have been around for awhile….my boys are now 14 and 11….they really never get tired of them.”
    A BirminghamMom from Mountain Brook has a pair of elves who “replaced the stockings from the mantle with a pair of ‘drawers’ (underwear) for each of us and left a note that said ‘Stockingz for Drawerz — Drawerz for Stockingz’. They then put the stockings in our underwear drawers, even mine, and were found sitting next to the boys’ stocking hangers.” Wow, these elves are bold! They’re even tampering with the grown-ups’ stuff.

  • Trish camardello

    My little elf took sugar and spread it across our table and had ate all our bananas and had threw all the peels on the floor