Skip the Squares and Make Two Bite Brownies Instead

No doubt you’ve noticed those tubs labeled “Two Bite Brownies” that menace you near the grocery check out line. One of the appealing things about anything labeled “two bite” is the implication that you would be satisfied with only two bites, which of course is not true. You will simply eat more of them, effectively making them “some multiple of two” bite brownies.

You may not have realized that your favorite family size brownie mix yields the perfect amount of batter for 24 two-bite brownies. Any mix that yields a  9 x 13 pan of brownies will fill 24 small muffin cups, exactly the size of the two-bite versions. (You can also use a mix for an 8 x 8 pan to yield one dozen small muffin-size brownies). By preparing brownies in muffin cups rather than a square pan, you have several advantages:

  • Brownies cook uniformly rather than chewy in the center of the pan, dry on the edges
  • Perfect portions (before accounting for second helpings, of course)
  • No need for utensils to cut, serve, or eat
  • No crumbles or uneven cuts; less handling in general
  • For versions with icing on top, spin the top of the brownie in a bowl of icing before serving to frost

Small brownies are perfect to take for treats at the office or at school. Mixes have come a long way; there are scores of basic to gourmet mixes that offer consistent, reliable results for hardly more than the cost of the raw ingredients themselves. If you insist on homemade, you can still knock yourself out with your favorite recipe and bake in muffin cups for easier handling and serving.  We busy BirminghamMoms will take the help we can get.