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Instant Party Anytime with a Home Helium Tank


When I was a kid, a helium balloon was a precious thing. Balloons weren’t given away casually as they are now; in fact, you often had to pay for them, which meant wearing down parents with incessant begging over the course of a shopping excursion. Occasionally a clown might give away a balloon, but the encounter was usually terrifying. By far the most heartbreaking experience was seeing the balloon string slip out of your hand and away into the sky.

Maybe that’s one reason disposable helium tanks for home use still impress me as a wonderful luxury. Most kids are so accustomed to receiving balloons at restaurants that they almost expect them. Even so, nothing beats balloons for setting a celebratory mood, and a helium cannister can be the a secret weapon for a prepared BirminghamMom.

For $25 to $50, depending on the size of the tank, you can be set for dozens of events in your family. Balloons aren’t so much for kids to play with anymore (now we know that latex pieces from burst balloons can obstruct young children’s airways) as they are useful for decoration and an air of festivity. Here are some reasons to get yourself a canister:

  • Obviously a birthday is a perfect occasion for balloons. Make a balloon bouquet for the centerpiece at dinner and don’t limit your balloon-festooned birthday celebrations to the kids. Grown ups like them too, especially grandparents.
  • Special day for someone? Tie a balloon to their dining room chair to honor them. It’s like having a spotlight on them during dinner. How about a balloon for each “A” or improved grade on a report card?  A bundle of balloons can elevate a regular day to something special.
  • Balloons on the mailbox always signify a party and help your guests know they’ve come to the right place.
  • Fill an indoor foyer or hallway with balloons with extra-long strings and enjoy the funhouse effect of walking through them – especially good for a surprise party.
  • Kids’ ballgame day: Tie a couple of balloons in team colors near the breakfast table to start the day with a winning mood. Balloons are also handy decorations during the adults’ big game watch party.

The point is, there are a multitude of little events that routinely happen in our lives and these should be celebrated.  A few balloons are easy enough to provide and imagine how these efforts can add to the level of joy your family experiences. Your family’s birthdays alone will make a disposable helium tank worth having.

Find a canister in Birmingham at:

Party City (watch for occasional coupons in the paper or Val-pak, especially around holidays)


Wal Mart near the greeting card and party invitation section