Paint Colors So Easy, Even a Colorblind Bachelor Could Coordinate Them

Observe the paint counter at a home improvement or paint store on any Saturday morning and it is clear that the average person finds it difficult, sometimes agonizing, to pick the “right” paint color. This difficulty is compounded by the sample paint strips illustrating manufacturer-recommended coordinating color choices. Women stare with glazed eyes across hundreds of these strips while the guy with them asks, “What’s so hard about white?” Of course this just makes things worse.

If you’re often stumped at the paint counter, the Aura line of paints from Benjamin Moore may be your salvation. This paint is heralded as the ultimate paint for this premium brand, with rich, fade-resistant color and low VOC emimssions that make it especially suitable for children’s rooms. As honorable as those attributes are, one of the most remarkable features of this paint is the range of available colors in its spectrum, called Affinity. In short, the Affinity claim is that every one of the 144 colors coordinate with one another.

This is a bit of a revolutionary concept if you think about how it could impact your confidence in color choice and your comfort in making a selection. Beyond the assurance that the paint colors together on wall, trim and ceiling will complement one another, there is the advantage of having colors that are sure to harmonize throughout the house. True, there isn’t a bubble gum pink or a sunny yellow in the bunch, so you may not have these quintessential nursery room shades to choose from, but there are an abundance of colors in the collection that would showcase traditionally colored fabrics and furnishings.

Aura paint isn’t cheap. Expect $55 per gallon, but consider that it is self-priming and adheres easily, possibly saving you time and effort. Almost any of Benjamin Moore’s paints can be mixed in an Affinity color, so it’s not necessary to purchase the premium Aura paint formulation to enjoy the color. And if your heart is set on classic baby boy blue for a child’s room, consider that Benjamin Moore has the Pottery Barn color collection as featured in all of the retailer’s catalogs. You can’t get much more quintessential than that.

There are six Benjamin Moore dealers in the Birmingham area:

Homewood – 28th Street (Pierce-Taber)

Vestavia – Hwy 31 (Rainbow Paint & Decorating)

Hoover – Lorna Road as well as Old Hwy 31

Irondale – Crestwood Blvd. (Royal Paints)

Pelham – Hwy 31 (Bill Street’s Decorating Center)