Find: Shelving Stands In for a Closet

If you’re in one of those charming older homes that is growing a bit cramped for your family, yet you know you won’t be moving anytime soon, you have another option for storage space that can be both attractive and servicable.

Make do with some standard shelving and a cover  from Let’s Get Organized in Homewood. This shelving can be purchased at a number of stores and is usually sold in a flat box ready to assemble (don’t worry, these things are easier to put together than snaps on a onesie) and they are sturdy enough for even heavy objects.

The shelving cover transforms open storage that could be an ugly distraction into something downright cute. Here is the pink striped version; there is also a blue one (like the bin on top right of this unit). There is also a plain canvas version that is perfect for a kitchen pantry or utility room. Doll it up with a monogrammed initial or some glue-on gross grain trim and you’ll have a statement piece instead of stuff to hide.

These covers are $69.99 and I’ve already done the math: you can’t make one for less, considering the costs for approximately seven yards of fabric and your time.

One of these will have you pondering whether built-in closet space would really be as satisfying as having a cute little house with a history. If you do move one day, you’re sure to find another use for your storage unit, perhaps in a basement or garage. Either way, it’s a practical and stylish investment.

Let’s Get Organized is at 2844 18th St. South in Homewood. Take a look at the coordinating canvas totes and the days-of-the-week hanging shelf set as well.