Remonogram Clothing for Consignment and Hand-Me-Downs

Southerners love monograms, and children’s clothes are particularly good candidates for initials and names in all sorts of fonts. You may have thought customizing an outfit through monograms would preclude your ever handing it down to another child or selling it through consignment, but this isn’t so.

1. The first option is to remove the stitches alltogether. Most monogramming machines use a fusible webbing on the underside that helps hold stitching in place, Once the stitches and the webbing have been removed, laundering the garment and then ironing the monogrammed area from the underside helps remove and straighten stitch marks so the fabric is ready for new stitching.


2. If the monogram is hopelessly complex or difficult to remove, it can be covered with a fabric plate in a coordinating or contrasting fabric. In the example at left, a monogram was completely covered over by the new fabric plate, which still sets off the monogram (incidentally, a fabric plate can be removed and replaced easily, yielding yet another wear for an item). Likewise, an applique can cover a monogram and need not be personalized with initials. Monogram shops can provide this service.

3. If you wish to consign a monogrammed outfit, it is not necessary to remove the monogram for many stores to accept it (call ahead to see whether a store will accept the item). If the clothing is monogrammed with a common given name, it is likely to sell without any modification and may go for a premium price. If it has a single initial, it is generally easy to sell without further embroidery work.

4. If you purchase a monogrammed outfit intending to remove or cover the existing stitching, look closely to see that the thread color has not bled into the surrounding fabric or that there is enough margin to allow for a plate to be affixed over the current stitching. Block style letters are easiest to remove; script styles may be more difficult.

Special thanks goes to Karol Leggett of Kidz Closet Consignment in Vestavia for sharing these tips. Kidz Closet provides monogramming (name, initials, or plate as shown above) for a $15 flat fee.

True story: My husband and his two brothers share the same three initials. My mother-in-law insists a family monogram was never a consideration when she was naming her sons, although it did make it impossible for the boys to fight over whose (initialled) basketball was whose. She never seems to call the wrong name, but the rest of us do a stuttering roll call for all three whenever the boys are back at home to visit.