Spring Style Tips for BirminghamMoms

A Saturday spent shuttling kids from place to place, waiting through dance class or ball practice, and running errands all the way home isn’t glamorous stuff. Yet even if it is essential to be comfortable for a full range of activities, none of us wants to cross the line into frumpy. (Isn’t there some cosmic law that dictates you will run into your friends and neighbors when you are most rushed and least groomed?)

I pondered the universal “what to wear” question recently as I considered the many days and evenings scheduled for the ball park this spring. Nobody’s trying to be a fashion icon, but it would be nice to feel presentable and ready for whatever the day holds. Where could BirmighamMoms turn for some practical suggestions for mom chic?

It turns out we actually have our own Rachel Zoe of sorts (mom fashionistas will recognize that name as a celebrity stylist). Tracy Robinson of chicmadesimple is a stylist who has worked with designers, retailers, and individual clients across the southeast. Fortunately for us, Tracy caters to “budget savvy and time constrained individuals” (sounds like every mom I know) and, when I asked her for advice, she was happy to oblige.

Tracy shares several fashion dos & don’ts for this spring, including:

  • Alternatives to the “soccer mom” uniform
  • The best tee shirt style for your body type
  • Selecting the right denim (and avoiding “mom jeans”)
  • The pair of pants every busy mom needs to own

Read and see examples of all Traci’s tips in: Spring Style Tips for Moms.pdf , specially developed for BirminghamMoms.  You are going to love her ideas and be ready for whatever a Saturday has in store for you this spring. Thanks, Tracy!

* * *