Summer Camp Schedule Planner/Tracker

It’s time to be making plans for what the kids will do during the summer. If you’re cobbling together a summer schedule to include half-day camps, sports or special interests, and overnight camps (including grandma’s house), it can be a challenge just to keep up with who is supposed to be where.

Super organized BirminghamMom Jeanne has two boys who attend a variety of special interest camps each summer. She has generously shared the basic tracking spreadsheet she uses to plan the summer and keep up with details such as lunch arrangements, drop off and pick up times (as well as whether mom or dad is on transportation duty), etc. Print this Summer Camp Schedule Base Doc.doc and post it on your refrigerator to keep your family on track for a great summer.

Don’t forget to allow for vacations, time at grandparents’ houses, and any church events like VBS if your child participates. Most day camps end in July so pay particular attention to the last weeks of July up until August when school starts; those weeks may be your best bet for taking vacation since you have fewer childcare options anyway.