Find: Mavalus Tape – Sticks and Removes Easily

Few things are as uplifting as a visit to a preschool or elementary classroom. The bulletin boards, “job charts” and schedules make the world seem orderly and controlled for just a moment. I suppose this is the way teachers establish the classroom habitat and keep natural chaos at bay.

Eventually the kids get the idea that their room is their own habitat and they want to protect it as such. It’s obvious they need a way to display their art, keep up with lists and belongings and intimidate their siblings with dire warnings (see photo of bedroom door). Even if you’re all about labels and individual expression, it’s tough not to draw the line when fresh-painted walls and trim are at stake. Heck, even an old paint job is worth preserving, since there are ample opportunities for them to scuff and blight the walls in other ways.

Mavalus Tape is the school teacher’s secret to keeping walls fresh and ready for re-arranging again and again. This “marvelous” tape is smooth enough to write on like a label and strong enough to hold up heavy weight poster board and signs. You can hardly see it here, but this sign is held in place with a single piece of Mavalus Tape that stands up to the opening, closing, and rare (unsanctioned and eventually punished) slamming of this frequently used bedroom door.

Mavalus Tape’s smooth surface gives young writers a 1″ width for writing names or labels and even a crayon will mark easily on the surface. It adheres without wrinkles or bumps (unlike masking or painter’s tape) and removes cleanly. It can be torn by hand although it is obviously more attractive with a cut edge.

The Parent-Teacher Store in on hwy 31 in Hoover stocks this tape and a worker claims “it’s all we use” on walls for displays and signage. It’s more precious than masking tape ($3.49 a roll), but it’s greater durability and contrast give it a neater finish for taping signs, photos, etc. to the wall.

With Mavalus Tape you can let the kids have a little freedom of expression and pride of artistry with no harm to your paint job. When you or the kids have tired of last week’s art or the menacing door messages, just pull them down and file them for the scrapbook. Think of the “keep out” signs as healthy boundaries that may preserve the peace until the siblings surprise you by voluntarily deciding to room together in college.

  • Shannon

    Just wanted to let you know that Schoolhouse Educational Supply in Vestavia Hills also carries that Mavalus Tape! Jamie, the “tape-meister” is here right now visiting us from Baton Rouge and wanted to make sure you know we carry his product!

  • Birmingham Mom

    Shannon, thanks so much for letting us know. Tell the Tape-meister that the only downside I’ve found to Mavalus Tape is that I now have no excuse not to allow the kids to plaster their favorite posters on their walls. Fortunately, the kids are so fickle we can remove them just as easily (and cleanly) for the next superhero/Hannah/Miley moment.
    My husband may have duct tape but I’ve got Mavalus!