When Home Sweet Home Becomes Dorm Suite Dorm

This is the time of year when lots of daughters are getting ready to make good on their promise to grow up and move out of your house. The senior year has flown by and you’ve found yourself ordering graduation announcements and wondering if you will hold yourself together for the graduation ceremony. (Which is more difficult, the thought of your little girl moving out or the thought of her tuition bills? Better bring a big hanky.)

On the other hand, this is such an exciting time for her. If she’s moving to a dorm room, she’s no doubt as eager to personalize her new space as you are to make it an extended hug from home.


Sheri, a BirmighamMom of two, has a no-fuss answer to giving your girl a send-off in style, especially if she’s already identified a roommate for this new adventure. DormSuiteDorm offers the gals an option to perk up their builder-beige, standard-issue, ho-hum dorm room.

Look at  how cinder block walls disappear next to the cheerful prints of a bed tricked out DormSuiteDorm style! Designer fabrics and dressmaker details make these a step up from the usual bed-in-a-bag options.

Don’t underestimate the heavy use a set of dorm room bedding will get. This is the pillow she’ll prop against as she studies (you hope), the fabric that will be the unintended background for all those arm-in-arm dorm room photos with friends, and the comforter she’ll curl up in when she gets the first cold without the benefit of your chicken soup.

DormSuiteDorm has online gift certificates available, so she can get word out to those aunts and uncles who are looking for an appropriate graduation gift. Then she and her roommate can choose their preferred look from those that are already available or customize their own coordinated looks.

Who wouldn’t want to start out with the instant room makeover a bedding set can offer? Of course she’ll get homesick occasionally – won’t she? – but she’ll have a welcoming dorm room to call home base. Remind her the next time she gets a custom bed set, she’ll be doing it on her own, thanks to that fine education she’d better be getting.

BirminghamMom Tip: Sheri, founder of DormSuiteDorm, has two boys; thus, she channels her girly creativity through her company. If your daughter isn’t bound for college just yet but it’s time for a twin bed makeover in her room, check out Sheri’s options. Then you can both enjoy all this style in your own home for years before she’s packing to leave the nest.