Recruit Your Family to See What’s IN Birmingham

Your folks have no excuse not to come visit you for a long weekend this summer. The Greater Birmingham Convention and Visitors Bureau, through its “In” Birmingham promotion, is doing its part to see that your family and friends have great lodging, deals and activities to entice them to the city.

The “IN Birmingham” promotion is based on an extensive effort to identify the locals’ favorite places (and by locals, we mean you). Fortunately, if you didn’t take time to participate, there are many people who did, and their collective responses highlight the places and activities that make Birmingham what it is. As you know from traveling any interstate, most exits are the same. The “IN Birmingham” results point out the unique treasures that are only found here.

Several hotels in and around Birminghamm are offering Sunday night free with a Friday and Saturday night stay. They’re located all over town, from chains like Hyatt, Marriott, and AmeriSuites to one-of-a-kind properties like Tutwiler, Hotel Highland, Ross Bridge, Redmont and Wynfrey.

Of course, visitors want something to do and you can’t very well be responsible for their constant entertainment. Fortunately, there are plenty of activities and special offers to get visitors and homebodies alike out to see what the ‘ham has to see and do. The Alabama Theatre, Vulcan Park, Red Mountain Theatre, and many others are also offering incentives through this promotion, with most coupons available to print online. If you’re like many BirminghamMoms, you are more likely to visit  area attractions when you have guests than when it’s a normal weekend at home. This is the tendency among locals almost anywhere; it’s easier to appreciate your hometown when you’re looking through a fresh set of eyes, and in any case it’s hard to break from your usual routine.

Encourage your guests to order an “IN Birmingham” guide to preview the activities that are most appealing to them. In addition, keep an ”IN Birmingham” booklet in your guest bedroom as a reference (order online or pick up at many Chamber of Commerce offices, Libraries, and retail center customer service desks such as Brookwood, Galleria, etc.).

Don’t just keep the book for guests, though. Make it your goal to sample the many “in” activities you haven’t yet tried.

Of course your family and friends would have endured the inflatable mattress just for the sake of visiting your darling kids and enjoying your skills as a hostess. Fortunately for you both, with all that’s “IN Birmingham,” they won’t have to.