Find: Tub Trugs


The Tub Trug is all the rage in gardening catalogs and home magazines, and it’s worthy of the hype. Imagine a sort of bucket made of a croc (as in footwear) -like material that is flexible yet sturdy. You can lug it around the yard and put almost anything inside it, then rinse it out with a garden hose.  Bounce it, drag it, stomp it, and it still comes back to life. This workhorse is too versatile to stay in the garden. It’s a British product, but it’s gaining ground on this side of the Atlantic, and any BirminghamMom could find a dozen uses for one.


  • Stuff it full, then smash it into your wagon or trunk, and when it’s empty it will return to its cylindrical shape. No worries about splitting or breaking it as you would with moulded plastic.
  • It’s frost and UV proof, so the hot sun on the deck or at the beach won’t degrade it. Perfect also for those of us subject to interruption – i.e., moms – who may have to leave it outside “as is” for a few days.
  • Already widely used for pet feed, animal care, etc.
  • Makes a great toy tub; flexes when little ones stumble up against it.  
  • Available in a variety of sizes from small to large; they would be cute for regular storage on a shelf, but that would be a waste of all a Tub Trug can do for you. Have we even mentioned picnics or tailgating yet?  
  • Comes in a rainbow of colors, mostly brights.
  • Favorite feature: Pull the handles together and you have a hobo-shaped tote you can carry with just one hand. Need to empty the contents? The flexible sides let you create a precise funnel for pouring or shaking out substances like mulch. This is far easier than emptying the contents scoop-by-scoop or dumping everything all at once as you would with an inflexible tub.

I purchased my Tub Trug while traveling. Only a few places in Birmingham stock these: Let’s Get Organized in Homewood (205-851-0616) and Little Hardware in Mountain Brook (205-871-4616).  You can also buy them through Gardener’s Supply Company, which is a Upromise participating retailer.  Note to local garden centers: You’ve gotta stock these!