Hats Off to Dads

father's day 001.jpg

It’s the time of year when we give dads the credit they deserve for all they do. It occurred to me that dads may be most appreciated because they do the things that we moms won’t (not because we can’t, but because we had to draw the line somewhere). Thanks, guys, for all you do:

Dads, we appreciate the time you have spent assembling bicycles, charging the video equipment, and blowing up the floaties and beach balls.

As you know, we clever BirminghamMoms feign ignorance of all gas-powered two-cycle engines. Thanks for mixing the oil, pulling the cranks, and operating all those loud, messy tools for the yard to keep the homeplace looking sharp. We appreciate your prompt attention to the honey-do list as well.

Thanks, dads, for hoisting the kids up on your shoulders for a better view of whatever we’re watching. This is the quintessential father/child pose, and if you will just be mindful of the low-hanging branches and door frames ahead, we moms will relax and enjoy the show/parade/walk ourselves.

We don’t mind when you sneak the kids out to Waffle House for breakfast on Saturday so that we can sleep in. We know that you’re feeding them too much sugar and letting them drink colas, and we are so exhausted we don’t even care. So continue with your ritual, just shut the door quietly on the way out and be sure to wash the syrup out of the baby’s hair.

Thanks for spending hours throwing and catching, setting up the swingset, and demonstrating the proper cannonball technique.

Thanks for cutting the boys’ hair that time. We know it was well intentioned. However, if you ever butcher our little buddies’ hair again with that runaway #2 clipper, there will be consequences. A kid can only live down so many photos, and we already exceeded that quota with last years’ Christmas pajama pics. 

Continue to gently notice when we moms are wound too tight and stressing over little things that really don’t matter. In the heat of the moment, it seems very important to us that everything be Just So. Sometimes your calm reassurance can help us examine our expectations and realize that we can lighten up a little. 

Just the same, we appreciate it when you dress exactly as we dictate for the coordinated but not-too-matchy family portrait. Thanks for holding the unnatural pose for a few extra moments along with your best trick – making us all smile.