Super Hero Costumes Bring Thrills Everywhere


A few weeks ago this masked super hero showed up at the ball park ready to scale the press box, spin webs behind the dugout, and leap from the bleachers (the final display of prowess, unfortunately, required a few small stitches at Children’s Hospital).

When he arrived to watch his bigger brothers play ball, there was a collective sigh from all the moms who remembered when they used to have a little Spiderman running around. He typically started with the Underoos version of Spiderman’s outfit, then graduated to the full costume with magical mask and gloves.

To his astonishment, he discovered that he did indeed have the desired superpowers. Encouraged by his perfect landings off the sofa, he insisted on wearing the costume all day, even to bed. His indulgent mom finally let him wear the costume out in public, where he was recognized by perfect strangers and given the instant respect and adoration accorded to those who fight bad guys.

“Why, hello Spiderman!” he was greeted.  Crowds parted to let him run and jump; webs were slung and exchanged. Clearly, he had forgotten the costume altogether and was simply conquering the world without a hint of self-consciousness. Best of all was the moment (repeated a few times each day) when he couldn’t take the suspense of it any longer and would choose to reveal his true identity to the family, peeling off his mask to astonish them anew every time. ”Is it really you?” they would say in amazement, always animiated and surprised. He really did have them fooled.

If you have a Spiderman at home – or any other super hero/princess – embrace the costume and the persona that goes along with it. As tired as you may get of tugging at it to help with potty breaks or making sure all the pieces come through the wash, it is worth your effort. Let your super hero ride in the buggy proudly, and never miss a chance to be astounded by his antics (your astonishment will be sincere if you find yourself headed with Spidey to the ER, but we’ll hope for better landings). If not for you, do it for the rest of the BirminghamMoms whose kids have outgrown – literally and figuratively – their costumes.