Another Long Line at the License Office

There’s never a truly convenient time to renew your driver’s license, but if you’re a BirminghamMom in Jefferson County, now is surely the worst time. Since the county placed many of its employees on administrative leave due to a funding crisis, your visit to the courthouse or license office promises an exasperating experience. If you thought your last license photo was unflattering, just wait until your expression is captured after a three-hour wait in line.

You should know that you have options. You do not need to renew your driver’s license in Jefferson county; you can go to any office that processes renewals as long as you meet the standard criteria. Shelby County has two convenient offices, one on Hwy 280 in the Inverness Corners Shopping Center, and one in Pelham that is left off exit #242 from I 65 South. 

If you can swing it, it’s worth getting to either office before lunch or the late afternoon rush. Hours are from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. The Inverness office mercifully has a television mounted on the wall so you can view the news as you wait (and watch media coverage of the long lines just up the road in Jefferson county).