Fad of the Moment: Animal & Geometric Shaped Bracelets

animal bracelets.jpgPerhaps it is to be expected that one fad consumes our kids’ interests each year. These things have a mind of their own and resistance, it seems, is futile.

In preschool, there’s no accounting for what interests our kids. Despite all the promising toys we give them, it’s a pair of rain boots or a random kitchen utensil that captivates. In fact, we long for a bit of conformity so we can easily find (or, horrors! replace) the toy of the moment.

Then they get to elementary and start noticing what other kids have that they want, and it’s only a precursor to middle school’s “I’ll-need-a-shrink-one-day- if-I-don’t-have-this” item, followed by a must-have accessory in high school that we will eventually learn has a terrible connotation by watching the Oprah show.

For now, though, it’s shaped rubber band bracelets that have become the must-have of the elementary school world. They come in zoo and farm animal shapes as well as geometric shapes (hmm, a circle perhaps?) and are around $1.99 for a package of 10. Packs are selling out at Learning Express, where they are displayed in packages near the register.

This fad is easy on Birminghammoms, provided the store is in stock. The bracelets are allowance-friendly, unisex, match any outfit, and won’t tear up the dryer. As far as we know, they connote nothing but grade-school coolness, something we will miss one day.

By way of an update on this post, readers may also be interested in the follow up post on collectible erasers.

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    Great article! Very well said!

  • Denise B.

    so odd that my friend donna was telling me about these JUST TODAY. i had never heard of them….and here they are on your site. thanks for posting a picture (and pinpointing a source) in case my 4th-grader’s got 2 bucksk burning a hole in her pocket.

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    Great article! Very well said!