Find: Bold Print Notes for $1

bright notes.jpgTake a look at these irresistible foldover notes in sophisticated, bold color. With fabulous look-at-me patterns like these, there’s certainly nothing shy about them. This is the kind of note that will stand out in any desktop stack.

While they are saucy enough on their own, a bright monogram label would just pop on the front. With football season upon us, perhaps it’s appropriate to point out that a Bama fan would love the houndstooth version while a tiger fan could enjoy the blue scroll. LSU fans, that yellow is for you. 

These notes are made of heavy cardstock with a glossy finish, like packaging for a bottle of perfume (the stripe pattern seems reminiscent of the classic Giorgio Beverly Hills yellow). Except for the houndstooth pattern, even the envelopes are bright. There are other patterns from which to choose; these just seemed the most versatile.  

These notecards come in a package of eight for only $1 at Michael’s. If you love a pattern, you’ll have to buy the coordinating folders, to-do lists and purse-sized notebooks, all of which rate a “find” on their own.