Holiday and Seasonal Outfits for Young Children

smocked outfits.jpg

If you want to be in good shape for the upcoming holiday season, pick up outfits for Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas now while the selection is best.  If you’re shooting for matching or coordinating outfits for Christmas card photos, you’ll need to get moving.

Seasonal kids’ clothing features an ever-expanding variety of themes and colors, so you don’t have to settle for holly green or bright Halloween orange. There are plenty of ginghams, prints and corduroys in all shades.

These clothes were once an investment, but they have become affordable now that they are imported.  Since they are worn for such a short period, they are prime candidates for consignment or handing down to another child or relative, further extending their value. These outfits are on sale for less than $50 each. 

  • Look for motifs that can stretch beyond a single holiday, such as pumpkins without the jack-o-lantern faces;
  • owls, squirrels and leaves suggest “Fall” without being as limiting as a turkey

  • Jumpers are the most versatile; girls can wear them with a turtleneck underneath or opt for a 3/4 or short sleeve if the weather is unseasonably warm
  • Likewise, you can find holiday-themed bishop dresses that have short sleeves and may be more comfortable if you’ll be visiting family in LA (that’s Lower Alabama) 
  • If you’ll be taking Christmas photos outside, Christmas red shows up well against greenery and our dormant bermuda grass

Tricia’s Baby Station in Vestavia has a large selection of holiday theme wear, but BirminghamMoms (and grandmas) are picking through it everyday. Their wearhouse sale is going on through October 3rd next door to their retail store. No strollers are allowed in the warehouse due to fire code, so plan accordingly. 

Special note: Saturday, October 3, 100% of the proceeds from hairbow purchases will benefit Children’s Hospital. Most hairbows are only $2.99.