Moms are Great Vacationers

vacation chair.JPGI just returned from a “girls’ trip” in which nine moms slipped away from their daily routines and left the kids and spouses behind to fend for themselves.

We all checked in dutifully with home each day, giving shelf-by-shelf directions on where to find clean uniforms and frozen casseroles.  We were also giddy at the prospect of being untethered to all our usual responsibilities, including those that normally follow us even on a family vacation. 

My conclusion is that staying in a house with other moms is like rooming with Mary Poppins: 

  • There are abundant snacks with a steady infusion of fresh creations
  • All household members are proficient with the appliances
  • The kitchen runs like clockwork in a seamless cooking and clean up process
  • Throw pillows are repositioned, design side up, every evening
  • Everyone knows what they packed and where to find it
  • Lids to milk and toothpaste are always replaced, no socks are left on the floor, and the diswasher is always loaded properly

Under these circumstances, how could we all not have had a relaxing escape?

We permitted ourselves to slow down and allow the usual chatter in our heads to be replaced with the sound of waves breaking on the shore. We could lounge in plan sight with no need to hide in the bathroom or closet in hopes of being undetected for a few quiet minutes.

The days flew by and we were ready to emerge from our retreat recharged.  Like Ms. Poppins promised, a spoonful of (white sand) sugar makes the medicine go down. The girls’ trip is a most delightful way.