Find: Humor for the Couple You’ve Become (Thanks to Kids)

muffin top.jpg
When you have kids you can’t maintan the luxury of personal illusions. When our daughter casually pointed out my husband’s mildly thinning hair, there was no malice intended. Likewise, when my son noticed one of my strained buttons, I knew I couldn’t keep blaming the dryer for shrinking all my clothes when we continue to have to tighten his adjustable wastebands (which, by the way, should be updated and incorporated into adult clothing). What can I say? It is what it is. 

That’s why these magnets from Wrapsody in Patton Creek are such fun. For $3.45, you can steal your kids’ thunder and lampoon your situation yourself, as I did. There are several other pieces, including stationery products and keychains, but I knew this message on the fridge (“If you ignore my muffin top, I’ll ignore your bald spot”) would get a good-natured laugh in the days leading up to our anniversary. Another favorite piece in the collection lauds ”Livin’ the minivan dream.” A few are a little on the bawdy side and bound to evoke a chuckle.

As for the heightened awareness our kids bring to our lives, I concede it will only get worse when they are teenagers and even our best efforts to be current (not to be confused with “hip,” which of course could never happen by their estimation) will seem inadequate. And for now, maybe it’s not fair to compare a muffin top to a bald spot. After all, a bald spot is dictated by heredity, whereas a muffin top is theoretically preventable with a little exercise and diet modification. 

Maybe the second bonus of this magnet is that a muffin top reminder on the fridge will discourage rummaging around for a late night snack.